Hi! My name is Jun (they/them). I'm always a work in progress.

Come as you are. Patience and persistency will get you where you’re supposed to be. Time will tell if we’re meant to cross paths!

Safer space for being human; that means acknowledging feelings, honoring differences, making mistakes, holding talks if it comes up. Capitalism is dehumanizing, let's not have it in my place of practice.

I tend to hold my practice as a comforting, healing, calm environment.

Inquiries Include:
0)Intro (optional)
1)Description/Background of design (simple or extensive, up to you)
2)List of elements/things you want to include in design
3)Size (approximate size in inches/cm), are you open to size?
4)Placement (if you are undecided, discuss! You can also give me a list of open areas and give you suggestions)
+ A photo with the area you want tattooed circled
5)Budget (ranges or limits)
6)Dates if specific + Location of where you want to get tattooed


~Primarily looking for creative openness, freehand, or flash designs (flash book available in person). Open to subjects and concepts.

~I enjoy custom/freehand projects that have a lot of meaning and symbology. For flash inquiries, you can check out my flash book when you walk-in! I don't mind doing custom/freehand on a walk-in basis too (schedule a date, then discuss design at the beginning of your appt).

~Open to doing comic/manga art styles and translating and/or collaborating other artist’s work (with permission).

~I will not respond to all emails, sorry. It’s just impossible, I'm a one-person business.

~Don’t take it personally if you don’t hear back, feel free to keep trying!
I do not respond to emails/requests until I am scheduling appointments. I read emails and keep them in mind but will not respond unless I have dates available to present to you. I do emails once a week by priority.


Email inquiries to junkotattoo@gmail.com


1) Where are you located?

I'm mostly in Portland, OR at Constellation Tattoo. This is where I have most availability. Second is Oakland, CA.

I have no availability in Minneapolis for new clients at this time.
I am not traveling anywhere else at this time.

2) What is your pricing/rates?

Pricing/rate is variant on location because of different shop rates/travel cost.

Portland - 175/hr or 1000-1200 day rate (6-8hrs)

Oakland - 200/hr or 1200-1500 day rate (6-8hrs)

Minneapolis - 175/hr or 1200 day rate (6-8hrs)

Flash pieces are generally cheaper because they are already pre-designed, around 100-150/hr.

If you are financially privileged, please pay me my full rate (this way I can offer flexibility to others).
If you want to work within a budget, that is totally possible! I'm happy to offer budgeting to folks who are poc/trans/disabled/chronically-ill/caretakers.
Since Flash pieces are cheaper, you can also check out my available designs (send email). Custom work takes more time/research/energy which is why it is more expensive.