Starting 2019 I will be taking less custom work than previous years and be doing more flash pieces! I still want to do custom pieces, however doing 8+ custom pieces a week has taken a toll on my mental health and it surfaced in my business last year. That means in the future I will be more selective about the kinds of projects I take on (previously I was taking as many as I can on a first come first served basis). By becoming more selective and choosing projects that fit my style, creativity, and vision, I also aim to leave room for the smaller projects to be done by many of the emerging black-ink artists. I want to be doing bigger projects and I feel that I am ready for them at this point in my career.

Openings for Flash pieces will be posted on my IG at the beginning of every month starting 2019. Flash gallery will be updated regularly and is available for viewing on my website under the “FLASH” tab.

I do not have space for new clients in Minneapolis or Oakland! I will have availability again in 2020 (hopefully). Flash will be available for both locations this year when I announce my guest dates!

For custom pieces (Portland only), I will be taking submissions at these times.

May 1-5th ~ June-Aug 2019

Sept 1-5th ~ Oct-Dec 2019

Jan 1-5th ~ for Feb-Apr 2020

I will take submissions until the 5th of each booking month and respond to folks by the 15th. I will not read new inquiries until the 5th of each booking month. I will respond to all new inquiries by the 15th of each booking month.

(Some of my favorite pieces of 2018 to the right)

I will prioritize medium-large pieces that inspire me creatively! I like dreamy, surreal, dark, or cute. I also enjoy personal pieces that tell a visual story or hold a lot of meaning. I enjoy depicting animals interacting with things or other animals. I’m also really into cultural food-related themes and astrology imagery/ideas. I will only do Large botanical pieces if they are form-fitting to the body or a large part of it. I am also open to reproductions or interpretations of existing artwork (non-tattooed and with permission of original artist), esp comic/manga/anime or Japanese woodblock style art.

I am NOT interested in doing small solo animals, plants, or text. I will also decline cultural tattoos if I don’t feel I can do it well, or if I think it’s inappropriate.

Budget does not necessarily mean priority - if you have a project I want to work on and you are trans, POC, chronically-ill, disabled, or a caretaker, I can work around budgets or a payment plan. HOWEVER If You Are Financially Privileged, Please Pay Me My Whole Rate So I Can Offer Flexibility To Others! This is my personal belief in wealth accountability and working towards equality.
My rates are found under the FAQ and you can also check out my Pricing Guide

I also offer Flash pieces at a lower hourly rate than custom work.

Please include this information when sending inquiries during the booking periods:

IMPORTANT! ~ IN SUBJECT LINE please summarize your tattoo idea (or else my inbox is full of “tattoo submission/inquiry”)

0)Intro (optional)

1)Description/Background of design

2)List of elements/things you want to include in design, reference images

3)Size (approximate size in inches/cm), are you open to size?

4)Placement (if you are undecided, discuss! You can also give me a list of open areas and give you suggestions)

+ A photo with the area you want tattooed circled

5)Budget (ranges or limits)

6)Dates if specific

Send inquiries to: skinpapercloth@gmail.com

Didn’t hear from me? Re-read this page or the FAQ, make sure you sent your inquiries at the right time. If you still think I missed your email, send it again!