Info For Your Appt!

Portland, OR: Constellation Tattoo ~ 6635 N Baltimore Ave, Suite 292 (St. Johns area) please go to the Constellation Website for specific directions as we are in a big building with other businesses. If you get lost, call/text number at bottom.

Oakland, CA: Diving Swallow Tattoo (264 14th St.) in Chinatown area of downtown

Minneapolis, MN: Tailorbird Tattoo 3319 E 50th St. in Nokomis area of S. Mpls

Please bring me as much CASH for your appt!

+Preparing for Appt:
Refer to my guide on how to prepare and care for yourself before your appt!

+Cancellation Policy: I understand that life happens, try to give me as much time in notice as soon as you find out you cannot make it!
-If you have a tight schedule or need to be somewhere at some time, let me know ahead of time.
-If I have to cancel/cannot reschedule and you paid a deposit, I will refund you.

If you need to contact me, my email address is or day of 651-231-8634 (please email me your phone# so I may contact you too in case of last minute time changes)