+Can I book an appointment with you?
I am currently booked out until the end of the year and will be accepting new clients at the beginning of 2018. I will be accepting projects on an individual basis and will only take projects that I can put my best effort into.
If we have already been in contact this year, then you are to be scheduled later this year (unless told otherwise).
If you want to get email updates about my work and tattoo bookings, sign up for the Email List!

+Will you have last minute openings that I can get in on?
Yes, they are usually very few so will only be announced on Instagram (@ajunkysock)


+Will you ever come to _________ location?
Currently I am not traveling outside of my usual places until next year (2018).
My usual places are Oakland, Portland, and Minneapolis.


+Did you get my email?
I try to keep up to date on my emails, sometimes I fall behind. If you didn't get a response within a month, send another email. If I receive an email from a person looking to be a new client during busy times when I am actively tattooing/on guest visits, your email may get lost while I prioritize communicating with my current clients.
Just know that I'm a person of my word and I have crippling work shame+guilt when I cannot fulfill the things I say. So please be kind to me and respect that I'm doing the best I can as a one-person business.


+Do you ever do art commissions or design a tattoo for me for someone else to do?
I do not currently take art commissions as hardly anyone wants to pay me for actual design work. Occasionally I do product graphics and logo images, usually for friends who want to pay me.