Jun's Flash Info!

General Respect:

  • Don't repost my flash anywhere!

  • If you take the concept to another artist, have them DRAW THEIR OWN VERSION. No copies pls :)

    Also: Some flash includes text. This is mostly to show the whole context of the piece and won't be included in the actual tattoo design (unless specified).
    All flash pieces will have the detailing of my general style/tattoo work (posted designs may not include it in photos, but will in tattoo).
    Deposits required for reserving your design + spot! 50$ via paypal or squarecash, thank you.

These are flash pieces that cannot be altered or only minor change requests. Some of the rougher "sketch-like" designs will be redrawn into a final linework. Otherwise, they are all as is! I can add a thing or two but like please don't manipulate it into a custom piece. If you want a custom piece, read the Home page for inquiries!


These are flash pieces that are either: not fully developed, need to be adjusted/re-drawn for tattooing purposes/placement fit, is a large drawing that can be scaled down to a smaller tattoo, or vice versa a small drawing I'd like to see scaled up.
Essentially my more expressive art that I'd like to see on skin!