Jun's Flash Info!

General Respect/Info;

  • Don't repost my flash anywhere!

  • If you take the concept to another artist, have them DRAW THEIR OWN VERSION. No copies pls :)

  • Flash Pieces Cannot Be Altered or Only Minor Change Requests. Some of the rougher "sketch-like" designs will be redrawn into a final draft. Otherwise, they are all as is! I can add a thing or two but if there are too many change requests it turns into a custom piece. If you want a custom piece, read the Home page for inquiries!

  • Some flash includes text. This is mostly to show the whole context of the piece and won't be included in the actual tattoo design (unless requested)

  • All flash pieces will have the detailing of my general style/tattoo work of little lines and dots

  • Deposits required for reserving your design + spot! 50$ via paypal or squarecash, thank you.

  • SOME designs may already be claimed but have not been taken down (I do not remove until it is on actually skin), so it may be good to choose a top 3