FLASH DESIGNS! (last update 1.2018)

  • Please Read: Paper and skin are made up of totally different materials, therefore final tattoo may not look identical to drawings. The general outline-shape will be the same, however small detailing may be adjusted, especially dependent on final size.

  • All designs are one-offs. Some designs are direct from a doodle sketchbook, some I've sat down and intentionally drawn from concept.

  • All small detailing will be freehanded and is included in the time/cost. Amount of detail can be up to you! It could be minimal/light feeling, medium/balanced, or densely heavy/dark/bold. Totally up to how you want the design to feel. (I also ask if you prefer more dotwork or small linework, generally I like to do a good balance of both if the design calls for it)

  • PRICING: Varies with final size, placement, and amount of detail. Pricing is discussed beforehand according to the variants you choose. I included a general size for all designs, the general pricing (not final) to expect for the sizes are: small (100-150), medium (180-300), large (350-800, be prepared to split sessions for larger pieces).

  • All designs can be bigger, but not often shrunken too much.

  • Maybe you are inclined to 'steal' a design. It doesn't have to be like that. Maybe you really like a design but you live in a far away land and found another artist who would be willing to tattoo someone else's art. Show me the tattoo artist's work, I'd love to see THEIR interpretation of my design instead of a direct copy. Credit on social media would be great.

  • Also PLEASE DO NOT repost images, thank you.

  • I NO LONGER RESERVE DESIGNS! First come first served basis WHEN BOOKING.