Booking an Appt With Jun!

I periodically work at the following locations:
Oakland, California at Diving Swallow Tattoo (264 14th St./downtown Chinatown)
Minneapolis, Minnesota at Tailorbird Tattoo (3319 E 50th St./South Nokomis area)
and Portland, Oregon

A wait for your first appointment, depending on your preferred location, could be anywhere from a month to a year.

I travel part time for tattoo work; part time working from home doing designing, drawings, and emails; full time caring for myself and the humans+creatures around me. If you are looking to work with me, generally speaking I have two categories of appointments: Custom Designs and Flash. Here’s the current info on both:

Custom Designs (hiatus as of 1/01/17)

I am currently taking limited custom requests at this time (my custom books are full up to a year in some locations). I have built my business on custom work over the years, refining how to work with people and the the way that works for me. With increase in demand, there was no humanly possible way to appease everyone who wanted a tattoo from me in a timely manner without injury and significantly shortening my livelihood/physical health. Therefore I am asking, if you find that you connect my work, please be certain that you want me designing your tattoo and tattooing it on you. I encourage you to read my intro and understand where I come from, I am so open to discussing any projects. I will take custom work on a case by case basis, my only request is that you are not in a rush to get your tattoo done. If you want to work with me, I guarantee you will if I am met halfway with effort, respect, and flexibility.

Flash Designs!

A flash design is a design that is already complete and ready to be tattooed! Many artists these days will have a stock of flash pieces they are willing to do. Some artists will repeat flash designs, some don’t, so make sure to check with your artist if it is a concern. I currently update my flash gallery regularly, check out the page for more info!