Hello Friends and Wonderers...

Welcome and thank you for following your curiosities to my work. I encourage all humxns and creatures who are interested in working with me to take a moment to understand what I can offer. It is important that we have some mutual understanding of each other before moving forward, feel free to introduce yourself as well.

I welcome everyone as a humxn friend. I am sensitive to the verbal and non-verbal communication between humans and am open to all energies and emotions that come with you. I try to be forward, am an introverted conversationalist, curious cat, and empathetic nonjudgmental listener. I talk openly about my life, emotional practices, social awareness, beliefs, and privilege as naturally as they come up in conversation (in some spaces easier/safer than others). I encourage you to join in and start practicing honest conversations for yourself.
(I also like to talk about comics, food, art, books, TV shows, movies, animal companions, and share stories)

My mission is to offer a comfortable, real, and positive collaborating experience around designing + tattooing without the ego+narcissistic power struggles too often found in the (mainstream) industry.
I move through the world as honestly as possible and will respect any walk of life, hopefully a mutual feeling. I like to be considerate, fair to myself and others; these things are always a work in progress.

I also offer, within my environmental influence, a safer and honest space. I identify as an Asian-American non-binary/non-gender conforming humxn creature. I prefer gender neutral pronouns (they/them), but won't be offended if you accidentally refer to me otherwise.
I will intentionally work at places I feel comfortable, and everyone is welcome to work with me.
I don’t want to work with hatefulness or cultural appropriation; I don't have time for rude behavior or power struggles. I DO have a sense of understanding + forgiveness as I will regard you as a humxn individual; I will start a discussion with you if I feel uncomfortable with something. Really, I'm a reasonable person.

Tattoos can be place-markers in your life and can be a healing experience if that is what you seek. 
I work at my own balanced pace, unrushed, which means it may take time to work with me.
A wait for your first appointment, depending on your preferred location, could be anywhere from a month to a year.

I travel part time for tattoo work; part time working from home doing designing, drawings, and emails; full time caring for myself and the humxns+creatures around me. I have various health issues that I have the privilege to be attending to for a comfortable life.

Our only limitation is time, and I fully believe if we are meant to, our paths will intersect. If you bring forth patience and understanding, it will be returned. Thank you for being here. What should I know about you?


Brief History:

I was born in Osaka, Japan and lived in Kumamoto (in Kyushu). My mother and I immigrated from Japan when I was 5yrs old to a farm outside of Appleton, Minnesota, which is about 3 hours west of the Twin Cities. I then moved to a TC suburb, Eagan, then finally planted in St. Paul for most of my teenage years. I moved to Minneapolis after school to pursue an art career. After working at various food co-ops, I pursued a tattooing career at a studio called 4Points. At the time (2012), it was one of the newer shops in town and it offered a different perspective to the industry. My mentor encouraged me to pursue non-traditional tattoo styles and explore more illustrative styles of my own, which came natural with my history of manga/comic art. Unfortunately, as common with many apprenticeships (especially with female bodied/appearing, queer, and POC humans), over time grew to be an intensely abusive, unsafe, and unprofessional environment. I became independent Jan2016 and work on a guest spot basis. I currently live in Oregon as of mid-2016.