Introduction: Name

Hello! My full name is Ayako Junko Osaki. Junko is my artist alias and most people call me Jun for short. A little background history to my name: I was named after my mom's best friend. My name in Japanese is made of two characters, "Aya" and "Ko." The "Aya" part is an uncommon character in Japanese language and can also be pronounced "Jun." When I was little in pre-school, my name would be mistaken for "Junko", which is where my name came from. When I became a U.S. citizen at age 20 I legally added a middle name to avoid lawful confusion in the future.

The reason I decided to go by a different name is because by the time I was a teenager learning social norms and introducing myself, everyone was mis-pronouncing it differently that I had forgotten how to pronounce it myself. The colonization of my name pushed me to preserve it amongst myself and my loved ones, and instead took a different name in hopes that others would be able to remember me more easily. (The only time that someone mispronounced "Junko" was when someone said "JUNK-oh, whats that, your punk rock name?" to which I responded with the correct pronunciation.)

My perspective has since changed. I think if I was a little stronger human when I was that age, I would fight to make my name be pronounced correctly. It still makes most people uncomfortable to mispronounce it, thus resulting in a lack of patience and a dismissal/avoidance in using my name at all (which is fucked up, I don't recommend it). Here's the thing: humxns make mistakes all the time and mispronouncing things happens ALL THE TIME! And it's okay, just strive to find out the correct pronunciation and practice.
And for my first blog post, I've reached my three paragraph limit just on the history of my name. To pass on the knowledge, here is how to pronounce my full name: Ah-yah-co Joon-co Oh-sah-key. I still prefer to be called Jun from most people though. I encourage any recipients to share/inspire/join the discussion: What's your name?

EDIT: I had been previously spelling my name as "June," which is incorrect in Japanese language. It would be pronounced as "joo-neh" instead of "joon," thus Jun is correct. To add the 'e' would be to colonize my name.