Custom Designs Currently Closed

A wait for your first appointment, depending on your preferred location, could be anywhere from a month to a year.


(no waitlists, no guarantees; will only take projects that inspire me to do the best work I can offer)


What is a Custom Design?
A custom is when I am given a design idea and interpreted in my art style/aesthetic. Usually with custom I design them about a week prior to your scheduled appointment so you will be able to see how it looks ahead of time. This option is good for those who like planning and aren’t completely confident in what they want. Custom design process costs 50-150$ separately from hourly rate.

What is a Freehand Design?
A freehand design is when I am given a design idea and I draw it directly on skin with marker (instead of a stencil), the day of the appointment. I usually will make a plan the night before and present it to the client just prior to the appointment. This is good for those who are in complete trust of my work and don’t mind exactly how it turns out.

Custom Design/Freehand Portfolio