+Saturn’s Rest Studio+


Welcome to my private studio! I’m excited to have you here. Some things you should know:

My studio is in a living room of a 1 bedroom apartment - the sole purpose of the living area is for tattooing only. I wanted to be transparent about this in case this is something you’re not comfortable with. I’m only sharing/accepting clients at this location to those I trust.

Why a private studio like this?

My intention with this space is to create a comfortable place to be tattooed. Tattooing for me is an art form that can be very personal and I want to focus all of my energy and attention to creating a space for you when you are here.

I am personally very sensitive to my environment, which means I can be easily overstimulated or distracted. A private studio allows me to have deeper concentration and relaxation while putting permanent markings on your body.

Having a studio where I live also makes this practice affordable and possible while optimizing my health and well-being.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy guesting a few days at a time at other studios and locations! My joy in working at other studios is meeting and working beside other incredible artists and people. If you would alternatively like to wait until I am guesting in a traditional shop setting, please let me know!


There is a dog at the studio, her name is Kuma and she loves people! I wanted to mention this just in case you may have allergies. During our appointment, she will be in my bedroom and is not generally allowed in the tattoo area.

Unfortunately my studio is not wheelchair accessible at this time. There is a shallow flight of stairs to get to the studio.

Feel free to bring up to two guests who you trust with this process, please let me know ahead of time. If you want to bring more than two guests, I will make exceptions for family members.

Also feel free to bring things that comfort you - blankets or pillows, cozy clothes, headphones, screens, books, etc. I have some options available at the studio but often times things that belong to you personally can help with the process when it gets tough.

The address of the studio is:
2201 NE 112th Ave. - Unit J96
Vancouver, WA 98684


This is the front entrance (shown in Red below), there’s a side entrance as well (shown in Green below).

Use the keypad to dial #8634 to open the gate.

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 8.46.54 AM.png

If you come through the main entrance, take an Immediate Left, then the Next Right, go all the way down and it will be around the next corner - Building J Unit 96.

You can park in any spots that DO NOT have a cover. Covered carports are for residents only. I circled the closest spaces in Yellow where there is available parking, however you can park in any spots that doesn’t have a cover. You’re welcome to park outside of the gates, however you’re more likely to find parking in the side entrance (Green route).


The studio is at Building J - Unit 96. This is what the entrance looks like, it will be on the left at the top of the stairs. Feel free to knock when you get here!


If you get lost or want me to meet you at the entrance, feel free to call me! If you’ll be more than 15min late, text me - a few minutes late is fine/normal! Please don’t be early. See you soon!