Jun's Tattoo Policy!

+A wait for your first appointment, depending on your preferred location, could be anywhere from a month to a year.

+My hourly rate is around 180$/or quoted by piece.

-For custom work, while scheduling I will ask for a drawing fee of 50-150$ this cost is separate from the price of the tattoo. It is based on a 25$/hr rate and total will be dependent on the size of the piece (and total time to design).
-For flash or freehand, I will ask for a non-refundable 50$ deposit, which will go towards the total cost.

+I will be communicative about any changes to your quote. If you think I made a mistake about the final price, just bring it up.

+Drawing fees/deposits can be paid to junkotattoo@gmail.com via Paypal

+Balance is due at the end of (each) session. Government issued paper with white men's faces is preferred (cash), I also take the corporate digital numbers (Paypal/plastic card) for convenience.

+I ask for 24hr notice for appointment cancellations. Deposits will be forfeited 100% if notified less than 24 hours.

+When you work with me, you are paying for MY ART, EXPERIENCE, STYLE, WORK, ETHICS, and PROFESSIONALISM. Not someone else's :) so don't compare 'cuz there's no one else like me.

+If you need to contact me, my email address is junkotattoo@gmail.com