A flash tattoo is a pre-drawn design. It’s original artwork by the artist ready to be tattooed. A flash tattoo is a great option if you want a tattoo, but don’t know what you want. It’s a good go-to for an “Artist’s Choice” type of appt.

Flash tattoos can be small or large. Check the FAQ for a size/price guide.


Freehand tattoos are designs that are drawn right on your skin. Usually to fit a large or extensive design to the form of the body. It’s another good “Artist’s Choice” option, but only if you like the artist and trust the artist with the outcome. You won’t see the design or details until it is complete, it is something you should discuss with the artist before the tattoo begins.


Custom pieces are throughly planned pieces that require a lot of effort from BOTH client and artist! It’s a good option if you are a need-to-plan type of person. It’s important to choose an artist that you trust - you should like their body of work and be open to suggestion. It’s generally not realistic to plan every single detail to perfection ~ perfectionism isn’t productive b/c it’s not something we can realistically predict. So the more open and patient you can be with the process, the better experience for both parties.


Please include the following information when sending inquiries during booking periods:

* IMPORTANT! * SUBJECT LINE ~ please summarize your tattoo idea (my inbox becomes full of “tattoo appt”)

0)Tell me a little about yourself! (optional)

1)Description/Background of design

2)List of elements/things you want to include in your tattoo !Reference Images! <3

3)Size ~ approximate size in inches/cm. Are you open to size?

4)Placement ~ if you are undecided, let’s discuss! You can give me a list of open areas and I can offer suggestions.

+ A photo with the area you want tattooed circled

5)Budget ~ ranges or limits, check FAQ/Price Guide

6)Dates if specific

Send inquiries to: skinpapercloth@gmail.com

Didn’t hear from me? Check the FAQ, make sure you sent your inquiries at the right time (I respond when I am booking). If you still think I missed your email, send it again!